Experience is the teacher of all things, and with over 25 years experience, Point Source Solutions knows a thing or two about quality sound and stage production.

James 'Mega' Schneider

Freelance Audio Engineer / System Tech / Sr. AV Tech / AV Consultant

Sr. Audio Engineer for Corporate Touring Events

Project Manager for Corporate Touring Events

Sr. Audio Engineer for Barrett Jackson Car Auction

Sr. Audio Visual Technician for Barrett Jackson Car Auction

Ford / GM / Chrysler Ride and Drive Event Technician

BMW Product Launch Sr. AV Technician

Sound Reinforcement Consultant

Previous Clients

    Point Source Solutions has the experience and know how to give your live event an unmistakable professional polish. Working with many of the top production companies and equipment warehouses, you will have an engineer and crew that knows how to make your show a success.
    Audio is an important key to your events. If a person cannot hear a video or understand a presenter, all is lost in translation. Having a Sound System that impacts the experience of your attendees only makes the event better. We make the right decisions. A Sound System that will fit your budget and needs is what puts us above the rest.
    Lighting and Video are your Wow Factor in any Production. Keeping your attendees focused to the stage and what is happening on it is important in any live event. Never skimp on having the right equipment and technicians. Let us help you make the right decision.
    Logistics, Technicians, Equipment and Run of Show are all parts of Production. Understanding what is needed from the Beginning til that last person leaves is all a process. Setting up and Breaking it all down is just as important as the show itself. Let us take the headache from figuring this all out off your shoulders.



    James 'Mega' Schneider
    Phone: 602-421-9465